Battling the Virus: Witnessing China Combating COVID-19 (Paperback)

Battling the Virus: Witnessing China Combating COVID-19 (Paperback)


Book title:  Towards a People’s Anthropology
Author: Fei Xiaotong
Book series name and number:  Understanding China and the World series, No. 1
Book series editors: ZHENG Hangsheng and Xiangqun Chang
Numbers of page: 200
Publishers: London: Global China Press; Beijing: New World Press
Publishing date: November 2018
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 244x170mm
ISBN 978-1-913522-00-1 (paperback, English)
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Price: £25.99

This book is a collection of articles and speeches from 1978–1980 by Professor Fei Xiaotong, one of China’s earliest and most revered sociologists and social anthropologists. ‘Towards a People’s Anthropology’ is the text of his speech on receiving the Malinowski Award in 1980 at the annual meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology in the USA. On that occasion, Prof. Fei, himself a student of Bronisław Malinowski, spoke of the role of this world-famous anthropologist and changes in social science since his tutor’s time. Prof. Fei’s ‘Ethnic Identification in China’ deals with the composition of China’s big family of nationalities, their differentiation and identification, and questions related to the study of ethnicities. The socio-economic and cultural gap between the Hans and the other nationalities of a China on its way to industrialization is stressed and analysed in ‘Modernization and National Minorities in China’. Other articles and speeches in this collection present some of Prof. Fei’s major research findings.


Professor Liu Li is President of Beijing Language and Culture University and specializes in the teaching and research of ancient Chinese, Chinese grammar and history of Chinese grammar and vocabulary. He is the author of the following books: Selected Notes of Mozi (2008), Zuo Zhuan Annotation (2007), Revised Edition of Tang Articles (2002), Research on Pre-Qin Chinese Auxiliary Verbs (2000), General Principles of Chinese Grammar (1999), Answers to Phonology (1998), Understanding Texts and Words (1991), and over 50 journal articles.

Product Description

This book consists of stories about what the foreigners living in China saw during the epidemic. In the book, the authors describe the situation of the epidemic and the dedication of the government and frontline medical personnel from their perspectives. They expressed the thoughts of the community of shared future for mankind with simplest and warmest words. This book aims to show the public an objective and true situation of China’s fight against COVID-19.


General Preface by Lixing Chen and Xiangqun Chang





About the book series and background

This is the fifth book in the Transcultural Experiences with “Three Eyes Book Series, published by Global Century Press (GCP). This book series is edited jointly by Lixing Chen (Professor of Sociology, Kwansei Gakuin University, and former President of Japan-China Sociological Society, Japan) and by Xiangqun Chang (President of Global China Academy and Honorary Professor of University College London, UK, and Distinguished Professor of Nankai University, China).

About the publishers

This book is published jointly by Global Century Press (GCP) and Jiangxi Education Publishing House (JXEPH). GCP is a UK-based publisher dedicated to publishing social scientific and humanities academic and popular books bilingually in a global context. Founded in 1985, JXEPH is one of China’s leading education publishing houses. JXEPH is familiar to millions through a diverse publishing program that includes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, school and college textbooks, workbooks, materials for teaching Chinese as a foreign language, dictionaries and reference books, literary works, children’s books and periodicals.

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