Concessionary member 1_2 – non-UK 优惠会员:非英国之一_二

Concessionary member 1_2 – non-UK 优惠会员:非英国之一_二





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Note: If you prefer to pay for RMB you can see the choice before you complete the online shopping  注意:如果你想用人民币支付在交款前可选择该项

Concessionary member 1: Country of residence in Category A, AND full-time student, fully retired or unwaged; 一类优惠会员:居住在以下A类国家和地区的全职学生, 荣休或无薪人士

Membership benefits

Members are a part of CCPN Global Community which publishes books and journals, runs occasional academic eventsconducts research projects, provide a Workplace for academic innovation and social creativity, promote Chinese social sciences and Chinese language for social science, encourage Globalization of Knowledge from China and the Chinese perspectivescarries out consultancy work, and hosts six sister sites,four blogs, and one online shop. They provide different kinds of opportunities to collaborate with others who share your interests in establishing invaluable networking and career opportunities. As a member you can:

  1. have 2 free hard copies of Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP) per year
  2. access to the full text of Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP) and other Members Only areas (currently are underdevelopment)
  3. obtain a single article (£10) for free
  4. purchase single copy of the journal (£18 plus p+p) at this member only price (50% discount)
  5. subscribe to a second journal at a member only price (50% discount)
  6. purchase books that CCPN Global publishes at a member only price
  7. entitled to discounted registration rates at CCPN Global events
  8. have discount rates for other services provided form our GlobalChinaUnit
  9. have a free account to write blogs in any blogs, e.g.
  10. use CCPN Global’s facilities and resources to develop and promote your own work, e.g. our ‘Virtual Library’ has a collection of nearly one million Chinese books and journals on social sciences and humanities. We provide a free service to our fee-paid members for their usage of the resources. If you are interested in this service please complete the Request Form, we will get back to you within one week.


会员是全球中国比较研究会社区的一部分,这里出版学术书刊、举办学术活动、进行项目研究、为学术创新和社会创造提供工作场、推广社会科学的中华视野知识全球化的中华视野、提供顾问咨询,并承载六个姐妹网站、四个博客和一个在线商店。 它们提供不同种类的平台和服务,为您和分享您的兴趣者建立有价值的网络和事业发展的机遇。作为会员,您或您的单位可以:

  1. 每年有两份免费的打印本《中国比较研究》
  2. 进入《中国比较研究》的整篇文章及限于会员的范围(正在开发中)
  3. 免费得到单篇文章 (价值10镑)
  4. 以限于会员的价格(半价)购买一份期刊 (价值18镑,另加包装和邮费)
  5. 以限于会员的价格订阅第二份期刊 (半价).
  6. 以限于会员的价格购买全球中国比较研究会出版的书
  7. 以打折注册费参与全球中国比较研究会的活动
  8. 以打折价得到我们‘全球与中华视野’提供的其他服务
  9. 有一个免费户口在任何博客写博文, 像
  10. 利用全球比较研究会的设施与资源开发和推广您个人或单位的研究,如:全球中国比较研究会的‘虚拟图书馆’收藏了近百万册关于社会科学与人文科学的中文书籍和期刊,我们为缴费的会员提供使用这一资源的免费服务, 如果您感兴趣接受这一服务请填写此表格,我们将在一周内给您回复。